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  100% Australian owned and operated business
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Why book with us

AustraliaGetaway is committed to providing a comprehensive, competitive service to the corporate and retail travel market place. We strive to excel in personalised service, which we aim to develop as our competitive advantage in the travel industry.

Our business ethic and philosophy revolves round effective principles of: Competitiveness, Consistency and Transparency. We feel that through a consistent and transparent policy, you, our travel partners , will ultimately be satisfied with the time and delivery of booking our special service to the benefit of your selected clients. Time is money, both of which we can save you.

Our short-term vision is to establish ourselves amongst the corporate and retail travel agents and to enhance awareness of a new competitive force amongst our competition. Our long-term vision focuses strongly on nurturing customer relations developed through sustained personalised service that we offer.

What follows on this website is the way in which AustraliaGetaway will present itself to the corporate and retail travel agents wanting to book their clients on holiday to Australia/New Zealand. You will also visualise how our network is established within the travel/airline industry and the services we will provide as your travel partner.

Full member of Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).
Travel agent's licence: 2TA5384.
Member of Travel Compensation Fund (TCF).